Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Etsy Team

An etsy team is a feature offered by Etsy, for shop owners who share common interests, to connect with and promote other etsy members on their team.  It is also a way for you, the customer, to browse or shop by theme or location.  Would you like to learn more and enhance your shopping experience on etsy?  Here is the direct link to Etsy's Help page on Teams: .

I am excited to tell you about the team that I have joined on Etsy.  It is called Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op.  Maybe you've seen us on MaryJane's Farm, Raising Jane Journal website.  And, soon to be in the MJF Dec/Jan 2013 issue of the magazine.

Marsha is the founder of the Sunshine Farm girl Co-op Team and  this is her mission statement copied directly from her website.

"My Mission

It really is a simple concept that I have.  To help other women and men succeed in supporting their families through their handiwork.  I am looking for women and men who are willing to put as much effort into making their business a success as I do in making the co-op a success.

Since our time and energy is precious these days more than ever, it only makes sense to use that time and energy wisely.  Thus, I formed the co-op to market and advertise as a group."

Some of the great features of our team, SFGC is that we offer the "Sampler Bag Program", a way to get your handmade items directly into the hands of the public. Another amazing benefit is that if you join as a Promo Club Member your shop will be promoted nationally on major websites.

Excited and want to learn more and join our amazing team!!

 I am including a direct link to Marsha's  website 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please leave a comment below.

Happy Shopping,

Wee Princess Maker

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